The Affordable Care Act was supposed to make healthcare more affordable and more accessible. Neither of these two things happened. In fact, healthcare and health insurance has become the second largest expense for a family. The problem is some mortgages are actually the second largest expense for some families. That is a tragedy.

Here is one reason for this: When the ACA was passed in 2010, Congress wrote into the law a provision known as MLR, short for Medical Loss Ratio. This means that 80% of all premiums would be used to pay for healthcare.

The above sounds good. However, with all of the fraud, waste and abuse in the system, premiums kept going up and up and up.

If an insurance company is only allowed to keep 20% of the premiums for their expenses, that would mean that premiums would be going up, and they did.

The AARSA believes that in order to bend the healthcare cost curve, we need to purchase healthcare differently and health insurance differently as well.

Our EveryDay Care plan, an ERISA based plan, is being sold in every state.

The plan is compliant with the ACA law. This allows you to create a healthcare plan that will work for you and your family. With little to no out of pocket cost for most services, you will also get the care you need, when you need it.

The next news regarding our Everyday Care product is that you will now have a healthcare advocate on your side, helping you navigate the rough waters of the healthcare journey.

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Thank you for taking the time with me to learn more about healthcare available for you and your and loved ones.


Robert Steele, CLU, ChFC

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